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Challenged by NY CEMA’s, MD Deeds, CA Documents?

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InteleDoc Direct featuring Recopedia.

One system for all your recording needs, paper and electronic.

Recopedia offers:

  • Current county specific recording requirements
  • Document recording checklists
  • Recording fee calculator
  • County specific recording turn time
  • Identify errors and exceptions trends
  • Links to county forms & websites

What are the unique advantages of Indecomm’s eRecord platform?

Typical eRecording systems offer prompts or tips about document or county requirements & estimated fees.
Indecomm is unique in providing comprehensive information at the starting point of the process.



Provides county specific recording checklists & more

Fee Calculator

Calculate accurate county recording fees & taxes

Document Turn Time

County recording and return turn times for paper and eRecording

TRID Compliance

Supports fee reconciliation to track TRID tolerance for recording fees

Take me through an example.

InteleDoc Direct supports a wide variety of users, including Title companies, Closing agents, Lenders and Attorneys.

Pick the documents for a loan to be submitted to the county for recording.

  • Sign into InteleDoc Direct
  • Select Recopedia
  • Select state and county
  • Review county specific requirements
  • Correct exceptions /add missing forms
  • Upload image to InteleDoc Direct for eRecording
  • Complete minimal data entry
  • Calculate fees (optional step)
  • Submit documents to county
  • Download recorded documents
  • Review fee discrepancy per TRID

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